Study in Japan -Online Sharing by Japanese Universities in Summer 2023

【Online Sharing by Japanese Universities  in Summer 2023】  
Saturday, 5th August

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Study in Japan Global Network Project in ASEAN (Okayama University)

Address: 2-1-1, Tsushimanaka, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama,700-8530, Japan
Tel: +81-86-251-8937
〈International Undergraduate Program offered in English〉

Okayama University, as one of the top national universities in Japan, has been appointed to implement the “Study in Japan Global Network Project in ASEAN” by MEXT. We disseminate useful information about universities, scholarships etc.

Okayama University has been appointed to implement the “Study in Japan Global Network Project in ASEAN” by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) since 2019. We promote Study in Japan by 1) providing useful information about studying in Japan, universities, and scholarships through SNS and our events, 2) offering FREE consultation by professional study in Japan coordinators, and 3) holding variety of seminars and fairs (including mock-lectures, information on career in Japan, and students experience talks) to Singapore and ASEAN students.

● Okayama University is a comprehensive university, which has 10 faculties, 1 international program, and 8 graduate schools. Okayama University has a 4-year bachelor’s program called “Discovery Program for Global Learners (GDP)” that can be completed entirely in English.
● GDP accepts 60 applicants per year (around 30 from Japan, 30 from overseas) to embrace diversity.
● GDP is an interdisciplinary program that students can study a wide range of disciplines in social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences.
● Students with advanced Japanese proficiency also has an option to take courses in Japanese in other faculties at Okayama University.
● Students develop a personalized study plan that combines courses from different disciplines and fits their individual academic interests and future goals.
● The application for intake April and October 2024 will start in early October 2023.

Japan has beautiful four seasons, and you can enjoy each season in term of food, sightseeing, history, culture, etc. Okayama, which has a perfect mixture of urban and nature sites, is located between Hiroshima and Kobe with easy access from Tokyo or Osaka. You will find convenient transportation of bus, train, taxi, or bicycle between the university and Okayama Shinkansen bullet train station. You can appreciate the delicacy such as peach and grape thanks to the moderate climate called “the Land of Sunshine”. Students can live comfortably, and tuition and living costs are much affordable in Japan, especially in the regional cities like Okayama compared to western countries.


Tokyo Metropolitan University 東京都立大学

〈Minami-Osawa Campus〉
1-1 Minami-Osawa, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo 192-0397, Japan
Tel: +81-42-677-1111

Tokyo Metropolitan University is the only public university established by the city of Tokyo. The Department of Biological Sciences provides a full degree program in English and offers enrollment in Spring and Fall. 

Tokyo Metropolitan University has seven faculties, 23 departments, and seven graduate schools on three campuses, with a total of more than 9,000 students. This wide range of academic disciplines provides an open learning environment geared towards pioneering innovations for the future. TMU promotes the acceptance of international students from all over the world, and currently hosts 568 students from 26 countries and regions. 
In the Department of Biological Sciences, we offer a life-changing education and the opportunity for ground-breaking discovery in a range of themes from molecular to ecological science. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a robust foundation in cutting-edge science, and the skills and knowledge necessary for a productive scientific career. Join us for an immersive experience in biology.
• Courses offered in English
• Various hands-on field and laboratory courses available
• Small class sizes with active learning
• International collaborations with partner universities across the globe
• Empowering the next generation of scientists

Application information
● Examinations conducted in Japanese:
Selection for international students for Spring enrollment will be conducted for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Economics and Business Administration, Science, Urban Environmental Science, and Systems Design
● Examinations conducted in English:
    For the Department of Biological Science, these exams are available;
    (1)    Comprehensive Selection (SAT/ACT and IB) (Spring enrollment)
    (2)    Selection for international students based on a nationwide university
        entrance examination score (Spring enrollment)
    (3)    Special Selection for Fall Semester Entrance
        (Fall enrollment (starting from 2024))

The main Minami-Osawa campus is located in the western suburbs of Tokyo. The campus is full of lush greenery, while the surrounding area is lively with movie theaters, shopping malls, and other amenities, making it an ideal location for both studying and daily life. TMU International Center offers various forms of support for students to study and live comfortably in Japan. 


Kyoto University International Undergraduate Program (Kyoto iUP)
京都大学(Kyoto iUP)

Address: Yoshida-honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, 606-8501, Japan
web: (Kyoto University)
web: (Kyoto iUP)

Since its founding in 1897, Kyoto University has been dedicated to furthering higher education and fostering an atmosphere of free academic exchange in the historic city of Kyoto, a center of traditional Japanese culture.

Kyoto University is comprised of 10 faculties, 18 graduate schools, 12 research institutes, 26 centers and other organizations. Approximately 2,800 of the university’s 23,000 students hail from overseas. With students from approximately 120 different countries and regions, the university’s campuses boast a rich cultural diversity. 
Kyoto iUP (Kyoto University International Undergraduate Program) is a 4.5-year international scholarship program comprising a six-month preparatory course followed by four years of undergraduate study. A key feature of the program is that no Japanese language proficiency is required at the outset, as the program provides an intensive Japanese language component. Admission and tuition fees are exempted, and students receive a monthly scholarship of up to JPY 120,000 for the 4.5 years of the program. Upon graduation, they are awarded a bachelor’s degree in their selected major.

Application information for Kyoto iUP October 2024 enrollment
● Number of places: 25
● Application period: November 1 to December 4, 2023 (5p.m. JST)
● How to apply: web
    ・ Please read the application guidelines and apply through the Online
         Application System during the application period.
    ・ After the first screening (document review), the second screening
          (interview) will be conducted for shortlisted applicants.
●    Enrollment in the following faculties is available:
    ・ Faculty of Integrated Human Studies
    ・ Faculty of Education
    ・ Faculty of Law
    ・ Faculty of Economics
    ・ Faculty of Science
    ・ Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    ・ Faculty of Engineering
    ・ Faculty of Agriculture

In Kyoto city, students can learn about Japanese culture and history in everyday life. As university students account for approximately 10 percent of the Kyoto city’s population, the city is extremely convenient for students, with many restaurants and stores for students as well as lower living expenses compared to other big cities in Japan. The city is also blessed with an abundance of nature and so compact that the residents can go anywhere on a bicycle.


International Christian University (ICU)

Address: 3-10-2, Osawa, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo,181-8585, Japan
Tel: +81-422-33-3058

Japan's Premier Bilingual Liberal Arts College
Explore your curiosity with students from more than 50 countries and regions on a campus rich in nature yet in Tokyo.

ICU was founded as the first 4 years liberal arts college in Japan. The university has been practicing liberal arts in Japanese-English bilingual education. At ICU, “dialogue” is the heart of learning and many classes are held in a group-work/discussion-based, instead of a lecture-based. Students can decide their major after discovering what they truly want to study among a diverse range of academic field of humanities, social science, and natural science. Today, students from more than 50 counties are studying at ICU. There’s an environment where unique students can learn beyond national borders and culture differences.

Applying to ICU in English - Universal Admissions
“English Language Based Admissions (April/September Entry)”
You will undergo a documentary screening process when applying to ICU in English. Admission decisions are made holistically based on several factors, including academic transcripts, standardized test scores, application essays, and letters of recommendation. For more details, make sure to check the Admissions Guide on our official website.

Application Period (Online Entry) *Japan Standard Time
● pril 2024 Entry: October 2, 2023 - October 17, 2023
● September 2024 Entry 〈First Application Period〉
    January 9, 2024 - January 22, 2024
● September 2024 Entry 〈Second Application Period〉
    February 19, 2024 - March 4, 2024

ICU is located on a campus of roughly 620,000 square meters. Our classroom buildings and research facilities are surrounded by the Musashino woods, dotted with 10 student dormitories and faculty housing. The western side of the campus adjoins the Tokyo Metropolitan Nogawa Park. With its rich natural surroundings, ICU is a great place to enjoy the changing seasons.


Nagoya University 名古屋大学

Address: Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya, 464-8601, Japan
Tel:  +81-52-747-6556

Nagoya University (NU) offers its “G30 International Programs”, full-degree programs taught entirely in English in small classes, providing a world-class education to high-achieving students, regardless of nationality and Japanese proficiency.

Aiming to foster highly-educated and internationally-minded individuals, Nagoya University offers an array of undergraduate and graduate programs in Science, Engineering, and Social Sciences. All courses are taught in English by Japanese and international faculty members. Students will receive a high-quality education at one of Japan’s top research universities, enriched by international experiences, while experiencing the local society and culture.

Application Information for NU G30 Undergraduate Programs
October 2024 Enrollment
● Number of places: approximately 50
● Application period:
    mid-November (1st Round) and mid-January (2nd Round)
● How to apply: web

Nagoya is in central Japan, the third most populous region in the country, and one of three major economic regions. The city is known for its manufacturing culture, acting as a hub for both traditional and cutting-edge technologies in industries such as automotive, aerospace, ceramics, machine tools, and materials engineering. With a great need among Japanese companies for skilled workers with international experience, the G30 program excels in opening doors for our students after graduation. The Career Support Center helps graduating students navigate the path to reach their professional goals by providing guidance and offering seminars. As part of the undergraduate curriculum, all students must complete an independent research project in their fourth year. This experience has proved valuable to students applying to graduate programs within Nagoya University and abroad.  
While living in Nagoya, students will enjoy a high quality of life with a lower cost of living than Tokyo or Osaka. Nagoya and surrounding areas offer historical sightseeing spots, along with museums in art, science, and modern industry. Nagoya cuisine is widely and cheaply available. Opening in 2022, Ghibli Park is now one of Japan’s top tourist attractions. The mountains are accessible by train for hiking, or you can visit some of the nearby islands along the coast.





※Below are the universities presented on 29th July 2023:


Ritsumeikan University 立命館大学

Address: 56-1, Toji-in Kita-machi, Kita-ku, Kyoto, 603-8577, Japan
Tel: +81-75-465-8162

Ritsumeikan University is a leading comprehensive private university with over 100 years of history. We offer English-based programs including dual/joint undergraduate degree programs in which students can earn bachelor’s degrees from both Ritsumeikan and partner universities abroad.

Ritsumeikan University is part of the “Top Global University Project”, funded by the Japanese government, leading the globalization of Japanese higher education. 
Today, more than 36,000 students study and conduct research across campuses in Kyoto, Osaka and Shiga. Ritsumeikan pioneers new English-medium undergraduate programs utilizing well-developed educational resources, alongside established undergraduate, masters, and doctoral programs.
Currently, the University offers 5 undergraduate English-medium programs in Global Liberal Arts/Asia-Pacific Affairs, International Relations, Policy Science, and Information Science and Engineering. In the dual/joint undergraduate degree programs, especially the dual degree program with The Australian National University under the College of Global Liberal Arts, students earn undergraduate degrees from both Ritsumeikan and universities across the world.
Students receive tailored support from the very first part of their journey until their graduation, when they join more than 419,000 alumni contributing to global society in all walks of life.

Key Admissions Features
● April/September Intake
● Online Application (Including Interviews)
● No Japanese Proficiency Required for Admissions
● Multiple Application Periods
● 20%, 50%, 100% Tuition Reduction Available for International Students
For details, please visit our Application Guide page:

Located in western Japan, Ritsumeikan has campuses in Kyoto, Osaka, and Shiga, three regions that are close, yet distinct. Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan, with 13 world heritage sites within 10 km of the Kinugasa Campus. Kyoto is known as a student city, with 10 percent of the population identifying as students. Osaka is western Japan’s largest city and the center for business in the region. Situated 20 minutes by train from both Kyoto and Osaka city centers, students at the Osaka Ibaraki Campus have excellent access to both the traditional charms of Kyoto, and the vibrant metropolis of Osaka. A short train ride over is Shiga, home to the largest lake in Japan, Lake Biwa. Shiga is known for its beautiful, dynamic nature and for being a hub for world-famous Japanese companies’ operations. Students at the Biwako-Kusatsu Campus in Shiga enjoy the expansive environment and participate in world-class research.


Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus(SFC) 慶應義塾大学 湘南藤沢キャンパス

Address: 5322 Endo, Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa, 252-0882, Japan
Tel: +81-466-49-3628

Keio SFC was established in 1990. By studying across the Faculty of Policy Management and Faculty of Environment and Information Studies that fuse the humanities and sciences, students will be equipped to approach real-world complex issues.

The Faculty of Policy Management nurtures students in the humanities integrated with the sciences which focuses in the field of Policy Design, International Strategy, Social Innovation, Business and Administration, and Sustainable Governance. Meanwhile, the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies nurtures students in an environment of sciences integrated with humanities which focuses in the field of Novel Computing and Communication Systems, Design Engineering and Media Art, Advanced Biosciences, Environmental Design, and Human Environment.

The GIGA (Global Information and Governance Academic) Program is a four-year undergraduate degree program that equips students with the knowledge and skills needed in this era of rapid progress, positioning them for unmatched careers in an ever changing global society. This Bachelor’s degree program taught entirely in English, welcomes resourceful, independent individuals who are motivated to explore their full potential.

Application information
● Timeline: December – February
● Process: Online application and Submission of documents by Post 
● Screening Method: Evaluation of submitted application documents. No interview is required. 
● Enrollment period: September 2024 or April 2025
● Quota: Approximately 50  
● Application fee: 35,000JPY(However, an exemption of 30,000 JPY is granted to applicants who have graduated (or are expected to graduate) from a high school outside of Japan. The fee for applicants who qualify for this exemption is 5,000 JPY.)
● Application information:

SFC is located about 90 minutes from central Tokyo. Surrounded by nature, campus gives you the luxury of studying while always being aware of the four seasons. Cherry blossoms herald the spring, plush new green signals the start of summer, foliage paints the campus with autumn colors in the fall, and on clear days in the winter, snow-capped Mt. Fuji makes an unforgettable appearance. Students at SFC can enjoy a safe and peaceful campus life not available to students in the city. They relax on the lawn between classes, go jogging around campus, and meditate while watching ducks in the campus pond.


Kyoto University of Advanced Science

Address: 18, Yamanouchi, Gotanda-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto,615-8577, Japan
Tel: +81-75-496-6221

In April of 2020, Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) established the Faculty of Engineering, where students can learn the most advanced technologies through an all-new, all-English practical study program.

Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) is an accredited private university which was founded in 1969 in Kyoto, Japan. In 2020, KUAS established the new Faculty of Engineering where students can learn about the most advanced technologies through a practical study program. At KUAS’ Faculty of Engineering, students will be able to study a wide range of engineering fields and prepare themselves to compete on the global stage. KUAS will provide its students a professional and practical education to help them grow into leaders of innovation and ensure that they are capable of taking on the diverse challenges that society faces.

For Undergraduate program
● Enrollment: September 2024
● Application timelines:

EntryOnline application periodInterviews
(for applicants who are asked)
Offers and scholarship
results released
Early entryOctober 2 to
October 27, 2023
Mid-November to
early-December, 2023
December 27, 2023
Regular entryDecember 1, 2023 to
January 12, 2024
Late-January to
late-February, 2024
March 19, 2024
Final entryFebruary 5 to
March 8, 2024
Mid-March to
mid-April, 2024
April 26, 2024

For Graduate program
● Enrollment: September 2024
● Application timelines:

review period
review results
Offers and
results released
Early entryOctober 2 to
November 3, 2023
By November 13,
November 6 to
December 1, 2023
Mid-December, 2023
to late-January, 2024
February 16,
Regular entryDecember 1, 2023 to
January 26, 2024
By February 5,
January 29 to
February 14, 2024
Late-February to
mid-March, 2024
April 26,

Kyoto City is the cultural capital of Japan and home to thousands of beautiful shrines and temples as well as seventeen UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kyoto is also the perfect city size to study, build local connections, and get a feel for life in Japan. That is why over 140,000 students have chosen Kyoto. In addition, Kyoto is the city where many globally well-known manufactures gather. It is one of the best environment for students to study Engineering.



Osaka University 大阪大学

Address: 1-2, Machikaneyama-cho, Toyonaka-shi, Osaka,560-0043, Japan
Tel: +81-6-6850-6578

The International Undergraduate Program in Science (IUPS), aims to foster advanced expertise in science and understanding of Japanese language and culture

Osaka University, founded in 1931, is one of the largest national universities in Japan with approximately 7,000 faculty members and 23,000 students (including 2,600 international students). Osaka University conducts world-class research under the objective of "Live Locally, Grow Globally," and its mission is to nurture outstanding individuals who possess a high sense of ethics and wish to become global citizens and leaders in a variety of fields worldwide.
The School of Science offers the International Undergraduate Program in Science (IUPS), which accepts students in the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biological Sciences. The most distinctive feature of this program is the transition, during the second year, from attending major classes in English to attending major classes in Japanese, so that, in the later years of the program, Japanese and international students study and conduct cutting-edge scientific research together in an international environment.

English Language Based Admissions
● Application period: December 2023 to early January 2024
● Application method: After registering on the web, send documents by mail.
● Screening method: Document screening, followed by an interview (February to March 2024)
● Period of preliminary education: From October 2024  to March 2025 (Japanese language and other preliminary education before formal enrollment)
● Enrollment date: April 2025
● Notes: Dates are subject to change. Please visit our website for details.

Student dormitories are available near the campus. One of the nearest stations, Ishibashi Handai-mae, is surrounded by an old shopping street, giving it an old-fashioned downtown atmosphere. There are lots of apartments for rent, where students may live alone or in groups, safely and comfortably. Convenience stores, supermarkets, restaurants, etc. are numerous in the neighborhood. From Ishibashi Handai-mae station, it takes about 16 minutes to get to Umeda, the center of Osaka, from where you can transfer to many of Osaka's sightseeing spots (Osaka Castle, Universal Studio Japan, etc.). 


Waseda University 早稲田大学

1-6-1, Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 169-8050, Japan
Tel: +81-3-3204-9073(International Admissions Office)

One of the Largest Universities in Japan, Engaged in Education and Research Activities of the Highest Global Standard for Each Academic Field of 13 Undergraduate and 20 Graduate Programs (6 Undergraduate and 15 Graduate Programs have English-based Degree Programs).

Waseda University is a comprehensive research university based in central Tokyo, with 13 undergraduate and 20 graduate schools.
Over 47,000 students enrolled, it is the second largest university in Japan. Currently students are able to obtain degrees in English in 6 undergraduate departments and 15 graduate departments with no Japanese language skills requirement. Students can learn Japanese after they arrive, in parallel to their major studies using English, and enjoy the most global campus in Japan, with over 8,000 international students from 121 countries, and partnerships with over 800 prominent institutions in 91 countries.

English-based Undergraduate Degree Program(2024 September Admission)
● Application period: Mid-January to Mid-February (TBD)
● Application method: Digital submission through online application system.
● Screening method: 
    (1) Document screening and (2) Online interview if required.
● Programs:
    ・ School of Political Science and Economics
    ・ School of Social Sciences
    ・ School of International Liberal Studies
    ・ School of Culture, Media and Society
    ・ School of Fundamental Science and Engineering
    ・ School of Creative Science and Engineering

Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is one of the leading international cities in the world, as well as being the center for Japanese politics, finance, culture, education and much more. Waseda campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, around 20 minutes from such major stations as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Ginza, Ikebukuro and Akihabara, and yet is also still in the midst of nature; preserving the tradition of student towns, it creates the best possible environment for learning.
Around our campus, there are variety of foods with the reasonable price, as it is known as a college town. Students enjoy their lunch time at canteen or the restaurants around the campus for Soba, Ramen, Thai, Myanmar and Western foods as you like.
In spring, you can see beautiful Cherry Blossoms along Kanda River, just 10-minute walk from our main campus.


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